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Zhuhai Yuren displayed in Qingdao internation Agricultural Machinery Exhibitio
2017-04-27   /   View: 2049

On 26th Oct, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was inaugurated in Qingdao International Exhibition Center.  Chinere International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Qingdao is the biggest farming machinery exhibition in Asia and also famous in the world and it represents the highest agricultural machinery level.

Mr. Chen Qiaomin, Dean of Nanjing Farming Machinery Bureau of Minister of Agriculture, came to our booth to know more information and held cutting ceremony.

In this exhibition, Zhuhai Yuren displayed its latest mode: 20 liter model, heavier loading, lighter body, multi-functional and others.

20 liter new model is much more simpler in structure, easy to assmeble or disassemble. It is also foldable, easy to take or transfer from place to place and not covering space. It is multi-functional, spraying farming chemicals, delivering seeds and transfering goods from place to place in the farmlands.

Another latest model is the 10 liter one, which is the updated version of current 3WDM4-10. Compared with 3WDM4-10, it is also much more simpler and lighter.

Mr Lee, CEO of one famous Korea Electrical product company, had cutting ceremony for the 10 liter model.

Zhuhai Yuren made flight demonstration inside net and attracted a lot of audience to stand and take pictures.  They inquired more detailed information from our sales, sales, operation, spray effect and others.