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Zhuhai Yuren displayed in the 12th International middle
2017-04-27   /   View: 1527

On 15th Oct 2015, 2015 Korea Agricultural Exhibition was inaugurated in Naju city(Chollanam-Do). Mr Wang(Chinese consul general in Kwangju),  Mr Lee(Magistrate of Chollanam-Do) and relevant leaders from governments were present in the inauguration.

This exhibitin focuses on "Innovate Agriculture, Healthy World) and last for 15 days.   More than 489 enterprises and institutes participated.

Zhuhai Yuren displayed two agricultural drones in the exhibition, 3WDM4-10(10 liter loading) and 3WDM8-18(18 liter loading) and also made flight demonstration inside net in site and attacted a lot of audience.

After watching the flight demonstration, all audience expressed their compliments to Yuren drones, innovate design, stable flight, high efficiency.

Mr. Marc from France standed onto the drone to test the quality. Everyone is surprised because his weight is more than 110 KG.

Through communication with Korea audience, Korea farmlands are suitable for agricultural drones. The farmlands are very regular in shape and also very few obstacles around. Korea has Yamaha helicopters for agricultural application but very very expensive and common buyers can not afford that. On contrary, Yunre agricultural drones are very cheap, ten times cheaper than Yamaha. Easy to operate and repair, many korea audience took interest and expect further cooperation.

Except Korea audience, many clients from Southeast countries, South America countries, Australia and other regions expressed their compliments for Yuren agricultural drones.

Zhuhai Yuren was interviewed by MBC(Korea culture Broadcast TV Co., one of three main media in Korea).