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Yuren displayed in the 118th autumn canton fair
2017-04-27   /   View: 1614

The 118th canton fair inaugurated officially in Guangzhou on 15th Sep and 184 enterprises from Zhuhai city participated, new energy cars, UAV and others involved.

Zhuhai Yuren displayed two agricultural drones, 3WDM4-06(6 liter loading) and 3WDM8-18 (18 liter loading). Especially the 3WDM8-18 attacted a lot of audience due to its heavy loading, high efficiency, easy to take and other characteristics.

3WDM8-18 is a cross & eight propellers structure, increasing the spray width effectively. The whole structure is assembled by two models, upper model and lower model. Upper mode is easy to assemble and deassemble and easy to take or transfer; Lower model integrates batteries and tank. Nozzled are fixed under the propellers with extended poles and the downward strong flow can enhance the penetration and also swing the leaves up and down to spray farming chemicals on both sides. High-quality carbon fiber and aerial aluminum are adopted to guarantee maximum strength and minimum weight.

The audience coming to Yuren booth are mainly from, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Iran, Chile, Brazil, Mexico,Denmark and other countries.  Through communication with them, we are familiar with their need in farming work and their problems and also know the agricultural condition of there country. They gave great complements to Yuren agricultural drones and expect next cooperation.

Mr Chen, CEO of Zhuhai Yuren Aerocraft Co., Ltd, was interviewed by Zhuhai TV

Some audience expressed they will pay a visit to Yuren in the next few days and go for further discussion.

Now Yuren agricultural drones have entered Brazil, Japan and Korea market